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15 Blackbirds at the Railhouse

Railhouse , Lake City, MN

It's that the roar of a passing train or the sound of 15BB getting it on at the Railhouse?

We've really come to love the sound we get down at the Railhouse--something about the acoustics in the place make the harmonies soar. Join us.


15 Blackbirds at the Northstar Bar

Northstar Bar, Rochester, MN

The Northstar. As classic a rock and roll bar as there is anywhere, evar.

There's not a lot of places left around where a rock band can get after it and that is exactly what we plan to do on Aug. 18. Join the fun.

15 Blackbirds

The Freight Yard, Rochester, MN


15 Blackbirds

Guilty Goose, Zumbrota

Back at the Goose y'all. So nice to have another option where you can hear the whole band rocking out in their primal environment. There will be drinks. There will be sweat and most importantly, there will be The Rock.


15 Blackbirds

Kathy's, Rochester

Back at the venerable Kathy's, one of the last rock clubs left in town where a rock and roll band can be a rock and roll band.

No dinner. No coffee. No acoustic guitars. Just booze and high energy four piece rock and roll.

15 Blackbirds

Guilty Goose, Zumbrota

Join the 'Birds for a return engagement at the Goose in Zumbrota. Our tour will swing into town just as Summer is ending so come on out for a last hurrah with some great (and cheap) drinks and warm friends.


Autumn Lobster Boil II

Four Daughters Winery, Spring Valley

Spring Valley? Wait, isn't that in Iowa? Close, but a quick jaunt down hwy 63 will get you there. Yes, the BB will be performing at the lobster boil under the stars.


15 Blackbirds--Private function


As much as we would love to have the hoi polloi join us for this sure-to-be-amazing show, it is a private affair.

15 Blackbirds

Cannon River Winery, Cannon Falls, MN

Great room to hear the 'Birds in a more acoustic setting. Get yourself a glass of a delightful vintage and hear some great numbers. Upon tasting one of the bolder red offerings Jay actually said the following: The nose had hints of tobacco and coriander with a leathery, almost chewy finish.
Seriously, we heard him say that with a straight face.


15 Blackbirds live at Kathy's

Kathy's, Rochester

Join the Birds on the rooftop at Kathy's for a beautiful Summer night of music and adult refreshments. Chris might even wear his special Summer do-rag!


15 Blackbirds

Thursday's on 1st and 3rd, Rochester

We were rained out last year so prayers to the Aztec rain god Tlaloc that it holds off while we do This Thing Of Ours. Sean mentioned the other day that he is growing one of those long Lumberjack hipster beards and will be debuting it at this show.

15 Blackbirds

the Loop, Rochester

Join the 'Birds at the Loop for delicious food and tasty tasty beverages. Our own Baby Brother Peter has promised to bring his barry sax out of retirement for this occasion.