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15 Blackbirds at the Railhouse

Railhouse , Lake City, MN

We're back at the Railhouse for one of our patented mid-Summer nights of harmonizin' and shreddin' our instruments. We always sound great down at the Railhouse and I know I always play extremely, extremely well down there (can't say much about the other guys) so join us!


15 Blackbirds

Charlie's Eatery AND Pub , Rochester

I don't know about you but even if you aren't into music, this right here is more than enough reason to head down to Charlie's Eatery AND Pub (there is a Pub in addition to the restaurant, you see)...

The May Dinner Special: Breaded chicken breast and sausage gravy, mashed potatoes, corn, choice of soup OR salad AND a strawberry short cake.

Now I don't know exactly what the August Dinner Special is going to be but you better believe it is going to be delicious, regardless of whatever dietary restrictions you may have. And why not take in a few songs after you feast?


15 Blackbirds

Railhouse , Lake City , MN

Early Summer in Lake City is just beautiful.

Eating a delightful meal and throwing back a few refreshing beverages aint bad either.

Adding LIVE MUSIC to the scene?

Sounds like a perfect night to me.


15 Blackbirds at Fruhlingsfest

LTS Brewing, Rochester

Bands, beer and beguilement--you got a better way to fritter away a Saturday evening?

And it don't cost nothin'!

The potent Loud Mouth Brass band will also be performing and them guys are pretty good, so...join us.


15 Blackbirds at the Northstar Bar

Northstar Bar, It's like right on Broadway , Rochester

Once in a while, the BB like to get back to our roots to remember what it's like to grace the small stages of venerable venues like the North Star Bar. Our talented young keyboard player, Peter is finally out of the hooskow and will join for some epic post-incarceration jams. Not to be missed folks!


15 Blackbirds at the Railhouse

Railhouse , Lake City, MN

It's that the roar of a passing train or the sound of 15BB getting it on at the Railhouse?

We've really come to love the sound we get down at the Railhouse--something about the acoustics in the place make the harmonies soar. Join us.


15 Blackbirds at the Northstar Bar

Northstar Bar, Rochester, MN

The Northstar. As classic a rock and roll bar as there is anywhere, evar.

There's not a lot of places left around where a rock band can get after it and that is exactly what we plan to do on Aug. 18. Join the fun.

15 Blackbirds

The Freight Yard, Rochester, MN


15 Blackbirds

Guilty Goose, Zumbrota

Back at the Goose y'all. So nice to have another option where you can hear the whole band rocking out in their primal environment. There will be drinks. There will be sweat and most importantly, there will be The Rock.


15 Blackbirds

Kathy's, Rochester

Back at the venerable Kathy's, one of the last rock clubs left in town where a rock and roll band can be a rock and roll band.

No dinner. No coffee. No acoustic guitars. Just booze and high energy four piece rock and roll.